Easy-PC Latest Update

Easy-PC Latest Update
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The Easy-PC update for existing customers of any pin variant. The yearly update usually has between 15 to 30 useful and customer requested new features. Read on for details of what is new in the current release.


Version 20

Save New Projects

Below are some of the highlights from the list of features added in Easy-PC Version 20. This year it's all about you - the user. We've added many user-requested features that you have told us will help in your design process.

  • Library Manager Improvements
  • Usability improvements
  • Manufacturing Output Improvements
  • New Eagle Importer
  • Additional V20 features

Upgrading to Version 20

Upgrade from your existing version of Easy-PC. The prices will tell you the cost and it will also provide you with a list of the additional add-on features we offer. Then contact us with your requirements and we can get you working with this new version today. If you would prefer to have a quick look before you buy, you can download the Easy-PC 20 trial version using this link.


Library Manager Improvements

Highlight and report creation issues in the Component Editor

Problems caused during component creation can be frustrating and time consuming. To help eliminate and detect problems as you build your part, Easy-PC contains highlighting and reporting features. Using colour-coded bars in the component editor grid, different warnings are presented to you representing various mistakes. In addition to the grid bars, you can also report pin assignment errors, this is especially useful when designing large pin devices such as BGAs.

Tooltips and Status bar show gate or pin information in Component Editor

To aid component creation, tooltips in the component preview window for the represented symbols will display key pin information when hovered over. If the pin is selected, the Status bar will show gate or pin information as an additional visual verification.

Add Component from Library Manager

From the component manager dialog, you can now add a component directly to the design or component bin without exiting the dialog. The same feature is also available when using the Find (Library Item) dialog. By having this facility, the speed of search and addition of components to the design is significantly increased.

Additional Library Manager Features

  • Importing of libraries shows status and verification of symbols being imported
  • Standard Display dialog is used in Symbol Preview windows in Component Editor
  • Symbol previews in Component Editor now use current Technology File

Usability Improvements

Clearer presentation of file paths

Replace Components

Using the new Replace Component option, you can perform a global find and replace components in the design to a different type or the same type but from a different library. Options within the dialog allow you to apply the replacement to just the selection or the whole design. Additionally, the replacement can be made across all schematics sheets in a project or just the current sheet. Preview windows of the replacement component are displayed for added verification.


Popup Calculator for lengths/sizes

Often, sizes or lengths you need in the design have been presented to you as a calculation. You can now type in basic calculations using the popup calculator. Easy-PC detects the entry of a formula and resolves it using the popup calculator. For example, values might be entered as 3.37-2.05, these will be resolved to 1.32 in the dialog.


Preferred Grid for Component Placement

When placing components, from within the Grids dialog, you can now pre-select a grid to use. This means, if swapping from track edit to moving components, you will not need to change grids, this change will be automatically made for you.

Tooltips Displaying Component Values

When hovering the mouse over a component, the tooltip can now display defined values for that item. The list is populated using a user defined preference easily added using the Preferences dialog.

Visibility Enhancements

  • Centre After Zoom control
  • Display dialog - Show/Hide All
  • Crosshair Cursor - Large X
  • Context menu on Document tabs
  • Change Net dialog show/hide Auto-named Net Names
  • Use of Frame-Alt to add to current framed selection

Manufacturing Output Improvements

Component FeaturesApply Layout Pattern for multi-channel layout

Output the BOM for a single Variant in BOM Composer

When creating bill of materials using the Easy-PC BOM composer, you can produce a BOM for a single Variant should your design contain variants.

Auto-Mask Property for Component Copper

When a copper shape in a PCB symbol has a pad number assigned to make it into a 'custom' extension of the pad shape, the Auto Mask property within the footprint editor will ensure the shape is plotted with the relevant over/undersize when creating solder or paste mask layers.

Pads-only Plots allows over/under sizing as percentage

From within the Plotting and Printing dialog, an under or oversizing for Pads-only plots can now be specified as a percentage value.

Print dialog - Background colour

From within all Print dialogs the ability to print the design background colour has been introduced. This means that where your own colour has been specified, the print will be reflective of that colour.



New and Improved Eagle Importer

Import Native Eagle Data

To improve the import of Eagle designs and libraries, Easy-PC 20 now imports native ("XML" format) Eagle files without the need to use ULP and intermediate files for import. Simple take your Eagle design and drop it onto the Easy-PC application to start the import.





Additional V20 Features

Additional Features

Additional features in Version 20

  • Symbol/Place Origin at Selection Centre
  • Preference to disable Zoom When Panning
  • Save To Library icon added to Toolbars
  • Panel Wizard - Relative Path
  • Switch Designs command and icon
  • Add New Sheet For Project Command
  • Reset 'Editing Time' on Document Properties dialog
  • Next From Bin Command
  • Component Names character expansion
  • Find Library item by Description
  • Fully Supported under Windows 10 [32 & 64 bit]
  • Benefit from our FREE technical support service
  • Support through a manned phone/Skype & email










SPECIAL OFFERS - Library Upgrades

Pro-Library 8 Update The Pro-Library has over 32,800 additional Parts and their associated Symbols and Footprints. This takes the contents of the Pro-Library to just over 121,000 Parts.

Micro Library 8 Update Over 2,900 additional Micro-controller components taking the total to over 14,300.

Micro Library

If you have a previous version of any library you may be eligible for special promotional prices. Click here for all the existing customer updates.

Click Here for more information on the Library pricing without a previous version.

Click here for all the existing customer updates.

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